Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Temp

After the girl in the next cube quit, they hired The Temp. Generally, I don't consider myself a catty person, and I'm not proud to follow in the footsteps of my bitchy office predecessors in talking trash about temps, but The Temp annoys/freaks me out for several reasons:

1.) She won't shut the hell up.
2.) She's not doing any work.
3.) When we had a goodbye party for the girl who quit, The Temp ate 3/4 of our pizza. Total. We had like 9 pizzas.
4.) The Temp often looks at me and my lunch with a combination of jealousy and bloodlust. Like she'd love to slit my throat and hide my bones under the copier. You know nobody fucking cleans under there.

Example of Reason #4. Bear in mind that The Temp had eaten lunch and consumed all nearby office snackables.

The Temp: (smelling my lunch in the next cubicle) Are you eating?

Me: (being monosyllabic since she won't shut the hell up- see Reason #1 above) Yes.

Temp: What are you eating?

Me: Lunch. (Look how concise I can be!)

Temp: (screaming) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU EATING FOR LUNCH!!!!!!!!!


The Temp strolls into my cubicle and looks at me and my food thusly:

Hungry eyes...I feel the magic between you and I...

God, I thought I'd be devoured right there.
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:15 AM  
    Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone's had a bad temp experience.

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