Sunday, January 30, 2005

Flammable Asses

Husband and I are living in the boondocks while he attends college. We don't have 'real' cable, so catching a west coast college basketball game (Go UCLA!) involves craftiness on our part.

This evening, the only place we could find to watch the game was Hooters.

It's easy to pick on Hooters, so we'll avoid that here. I'm mostly worried about the asses of the Hooters girls. Covered with 20 layers of polyester, one touch from a cigarette (we live in a state where bars and restaurants allow cigarettes. Eww.) will send some ladies livelihood up in flames.

UCLA won (woo!), but I spent the whole night worrying about orange, burning asses.
Random Fruit Facts: The Kumquat

"Both Fortunella margarita and F. crassifolia Kumquats are native to China and have been cultivated in Europe and the US since the 1800's. "

Learn more about kumquats (the fruit on which Hooters based their eye-exhausting color scheme) here.

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