Monday, July 18, 2005

Sweet Corn In Da House

Our super-nice friend, High Bibliographer Priestess, brought us a bunch of sweet Ohio corn. Hooray! Thank you HBP! She also brought an awesome present for Mateo's St. John James Day (for which we are also thankful), but this is about corn. Dammit.

So we started taking pictures of the corn, since you it's not every day you see sweet Ohio corn. Yes. The family Spurious needs very little encouragement to pic up the camera.

Then we started taking pictures with the corn:

And I started getting into it:

And the next thing you know, I'm using them as nunchucks.

And making bad puns. Uni-CORN. HA!

No, none of the pictures were dirty. But thanks for asking.

And thanks again, High Bibliographer Priestess! For presents and corn!

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 7/18/2005 08:22:00 PM


  1. Blogger Nilbo posted at 8:28 PM  
    Excuse me, but dirty, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. You see perfectly innocent corn-related pictures. What I see is entirely mine. Thank YOU for asking.

    Oh, and the ninja corn pic? Sssssssmokin' ...
  2. Blogger Buddha Bong posted at 9:18 PM  
    Is that the mystical Cornicorn?

    (I know, but it's all I had!)
  3. Anonymous kalki posted at 10:00 PM  
    Dammit, I'm disappointed. Where the hell else can I see dirty pictures of corn? COME ON, Plum.
  4. Blogger mrtl posted at 2:31 AM  
    I'd call you the Mistress of the Corn, but that wouldn't sound right.
  5. Blogger Random and Odd posted at 4:05 AM  
    I want to crack jokes, but they are all dirty ones.

    You crack me up!
  6. Blogger Nilbo posted at 6:19 AM  
    Mmm .. you make me corny, baby ...
  7. Blogger Amy posted at 6:56 AM  
    You do look kinda hot with your sideways glance and the cob at the ready.
  8. Blogger uglyagnes posted at 7:45 AM  
    yay for corn. corn is great roasted with parkay.
  9. Blogger Susie posted at 8:22 AM  
    Plum, you're a corn star. With a website, no less.
  10. Blogger Southern Fried Girl posted at 8:36 AM  
    You are so silly. Come visit Louisiana and sweat to death. Oh, and visit me.
  11. Blogger Torrie posted at 8:51 AM  
    Hee hee.
  12. Blogger LadyBug posted at 9:21 AM  
    Nilbo left a comment somewhere about "Spurious Plum's corn porn." This was NOT what I was expecting to see.

    I'm glad to know you acted respectably with the corn, and Nilbo is just spreading vicious and unfounded rumors. (Dirty old man.)
  13. Blogger Nilbo posted at 9:26 AM  
    Calling me a "dirty old man" is hurtful and wrong. I am not old. I am firmly lodged in arrested adolescence.

    Does that corn have a solid middle? I mean ... would it be fair to call it hard core corn?
  14. Blogger Candace posted at 9:32 AM  
    DAMN IT!

    Everyone beat me to the good corn jokes.

    Though, here in Southwestern Ohio we have a game called "Cornhole". I kid you not.

    Google it.
  15. Blogger Effie posted at 10:56 AM  
    I've been hearing about your corn all morning--had to see what's up---yummy
  16. Blogger Nessa posted at 11:01 AM  
    you are so funny! and so cute!!!! glad you had fun with the corn!!!
  17. Blogger Holy Schmidt posted at 12:49 PM  
    I just want to put it out there that we SO don't need to see the pictures of the dreaded Corn Poopy.

    I'm just sayin'!
  18. Blogger Colleen posted at 12:55 PM  
    I was going in the line of what Holy Schmidt was saying. You know. No pics of the Cornback Rattlers.
  19. Blogger echrai posted at 2:02 PM  
    So much fun. And so darn corny!
  20. Anonymous High Bibliographic Priestess posted at 3:07 PM  
    Dear Plum,

    As the HBP mentioned in the corny post, I'm glad to hear that you received said corn and appreciated it. Just want you to know that all that comes from Ohio is not creepy and right-wing. Redundant, right?
  21. Blogger Annejelynn posted at 5:18 PM  
    anything involving numchucks alone is funny - corn numchucks? you are a total corndog!
  22. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 8:00 PM  

    How dirty are ya'll?!?!?

    Especially you, Nilbo.

    Mr. Naughtypants.
  23. Blogger laurenbove posted at 7:49 AM  
    There are a lot of silly things that could be said and have been...

    I'm more interested in that gorgeous corn! It looks delicious!

    I'll share a great recipe:

    Husk Corn. Rinse. Cut corn into 2 inch rounds. You should get 4 per ear at least.

    Grill for 2 min. per side. That's it.

    Serve with butter, herb butter, salt, pepper...whatever!


    You can make a big herb butter or garlic butter dip(butter and herbs or garlic mushed together) and serve corn with the dip. Just remember: No double dipping unless you have a personal bowl of garlic butter.
  24. Blogger sparklestone posted at 8:07 AM  
    Long ago, I lived on a nature preserve and we had a huge garden with a lot of corn. One day the manager of the place and I were harvesting some corn and he started eating an ear right there. I was suprised and he said raw is the best way. Now, I don't really like corn except if it's raw. Everyone I know in the universe looks at me like I have seven heads when I eat raw corn on the cob.

    Anybody else eat raw corn?

    I gotta get off this page before my wife sees me looking at those corn pics.
  25. Blogger Kitsune posted at 8:29 AM  
    Whoa! Watch out! Are you sure that corn is of legal age?

    Why is everyone's blog making me hungry?! It's like everyone is writing about food! (Then again, I am talking to a plum...)

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