Tuesday, February 01, 2005

And Now, a Word from Mateo...

Went to 7-11 today to get some tea, and noticed their taquito incubator. You know how they have those hot dog incubators, metal rollers with the plastic bubble on top? There's one for taquitos right next to it. Some of the disgusting flavors include steak and cheese, and my personal favorite....cream cheese and jalepeño. Muy Autentico. Who says there's no real Mexican food in Pittsburgh?

I think I'm going to set up a table at the Hollywood farmers market. I can picture it in my head, a table, the taquito incubator, and sign that says 'Organic Taquitos $2.50'. It'll conceptual art, baby. These taquitos are so organic, your colon will survive long after your demise. Maybe it'll get easier to turn plastic colons into compost, though.

Food for thought.
Random Fruit Fact: The Jalapeño

If a grape can be a fruit when it grows on a vine, maybe the jalapeño can too.

"El nombre de Chile Jalapeño es el más usado en todo el país, se le da este nombre porque se dice que antiguamente se cultivaba en Jalapa, Veracruz desde donde se comercializaba a otras partes, actualmente ya no se cultiva ahí, pero es un Chile muy famoso y utilizado en la Gastronomía Veracruzana."

Aprenda más acerca de jalapeños aquí.

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