Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Movie Time!

It's easy to marvel at the amount of scotch and cigarettes people consume in the course of any film made before 1973, but a movie with a detective drinking wine on the beat? Hell yes.

This evening our Wow-That's-A-Damn-Old-Movie selection was 1944 fake-film noir classic Laura. Though the film itself was pretty cool, I kept coming back to Dana Andrews (our hero/detective) drinking anything that wasn't tied down, on the job.

Sometimes with murder suspects.

So hot.

It wasn't a particularly noiry film, except for repeated mentions of somebody's head getting blown off with a shotgun. The best part was actually having our hero/detective raid the dead chick's liquor cabinet and fall asleep in her house. For the rest of the movie we kept wondering, is this real, or just the wishful thinking of some boozy-ass gumshoe?

Man, why can't I live back in the day, when it was cool to drink at work?
Random Fruit Fact: The Grape

All this talk about wine makes me thirsty for grape knowledge.

"The grape is one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated going back as far as biblical times. Spanish explorers introduced the fruit to America approximately 300 years ago."

Learn more about grapes here. And don't even think I forgot about Cesar Chavez and the boycotts. Check his awesome ass out here. Viva Cesar! Viva Grapes!

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