Thursday, June 09, 2005

Self Portrait Day - Where You Blog At? + Thug Huggin'

Some of you are having a hard time. I wishwishwish I had a magic wand that would make it better! Ya'll need a hug.

If you're interested in the blogspace part, behold! The Mateo and Spurious Computer ExtravaDanza* ! Witness our tencencies towards messy desks, snakey cords and weird ass pictures!

But the hugs are the most important part.

*All extravaganza's in Casa de Spurious are now referred to as 'extravadanzas' , bcause of Tony Danza's dirty, talk-show-having ass. Sorry.
Random Fruit Fact: The Sorbus

"The fruit of the Sorbus is only edible after being "bletted", in other words, after falling to ground and fermenting.The flesh then has a custard-like consistency and people describe it alternately as tasting like both vanilla and chocolate pudding."

Learn more about the sorbus, here. Or you could just take the hug. It's easier (and unfermented).

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 6/09/2005 07:05:00 PM


  1. Blogger Candace posted at 7:25 PM  
    Tastes like vanilla AND chocolate? Sounds intrigueing (I spelled that four different ways and none of them look right and I'm too lazy to open a new window to link to so just leave me alone), but I think I'll pass.

    Can I have the hug instead?
  2. Anonymous lawbrat posted at 7:39 PM  
    I'm taking the hug, and another, and another.
  3. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 8:00 PM  
    Good. Cause it's for you. You can have a million. Prayers, hugs and love comin' at you in a big bunch, Dawn.
  4. Blogger Susie posted at 8:39 PM  
    I keep saying this, but gosh, you're cute. Hugs to you, Cutie-fruiti :)
  5. Blogger Circus Kelli posted at 9:17 PM  
    Not only will I take a hug, I'll give you one in return!!


    You're gawgeous, dahling, you really are! :)
  6. Blogger Colleen posted at 11:22 PM  
    you are bee yooo tee ful!! thanks for the hugs and the fruit facts. and mwah back at you .
  7. Blogger marybishop posted at 6:45 AM  
    What a great picture - I could feel that hug!

    Also your fruit fact shows that even when things seem rotten, something good can come out of it.
  8. Blogger spoonleg posted at 8:36 AM  
    Love this SP. You're a total hottie (a pre-requisite for being an RN, by the way). Grrr, baby.
  9. Anonymous Amanda B. posted at 9:36 AM  
    You are so sweet. And Smokin Hot! You look like freakin' Rosellini/ Kinski. Hubba Hubba. :D
  10. Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes posted at 10:18 AM  
    Thanks for the hug, Plum girl. Lots of us need 'em right now.

    And a messy desk is a sign of genius. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
  11. Blogger Southern Fried Girl posted at 10:29 AM  
    I see a Steelers pendant on your wall. I knew I loved ya for a reason.
  12. Blogger Nessa posted at 10:33 AM  
    yer haute! thank you for the hug!!!
  13. Blogger Aurora posted at 11:24 AM  
    Your so pretty! Awesome photo, and hug! Yer the best!
  14. Blogger Annejelynn posted at 11:54 AM  
    yousah super cutie patootie!
  15. Blogger Nilbo posted at 1:04 PM  
    Heeheehee you're sitting down and I'm standing up, so your hug puts you in a compromising position. Undo my belt with your teeth and unzip me with your tongue and I'll follow you anywhere ...
  16. Blogger Nilbo posted at 1:06 PM  
    (... and I know you're standing up in the picture. But if you can imagine a hug, I can imagine the relative positions. So there.)
  17. Blogger Squirl posted at 1:41 PM  
    Thanks for the blog hug! One back atcha. I agree with Bucky on the messy desk. In fact, I already added that to my 100 Things list.
  18. Blogger Torrie posted at 2:07 PM  
    YAY! HUG!
  19. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 5:35 PM  
    Wow! You really DID need hugs!

    Misfit- Screw 'intriguing' right in the ear. Hugs are better.

    Lawbrat- I'm so glad today is better, sweetness. I'll keep the virtual hugs comin'.

    Susie, CK, Sillynessa, Airea, and Annejelynn - Thanks for the compliments. Are you all drunk?

    Colleen- You're most welcome. We're all so glad to have our Clobber back!

    Marybishop- Rockin' fruit insight!Wow, you're good at this!

    Spoonie- Not sure about the hottie part, but I have the rack, and that's a start.

    Amanda B- Goodness! Klaus Kinski? Thanks!

    BFE- Have as many as you please. (and thanks for validating that desk of mine...)

    Nilbo- Bad doggie.

    Squirl- Must see your list! Thanks!

    Torrie- Hooray! I always wanted to hug a pastry chef.
  20. Blogger laurenbove posted at 4:51 PM  
    Girl! Your hair looks FAAAABULOUS! Thanks for the hug, and right back atcha!

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