Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Waaaaaaaiting Is The Hardest Part

I hate waiting. Someone once told me the average amount of time spent waiting in the a human life, and though I don’t remember the exact figure, I remember being APPALLED.

Mateo and I are currently on Librarian Job Watch 2005. Though I’m completely confident Mateo can get a library job in California, it would be nice to know where that job will be. Unfortunately, since he’s applying for reference librarian jobs in the public sector, most of his potential job offers must come from various city governments.

City government = Bureaucracy. And because the crappy bureaucratic powers-that-be take a long time to get of their asses and do ANY DAMN THING, Mateo and I have to twiddle our thumbs. And wait.

We’ve got 15 reeeeeallly slow irons in the application fire, all of which come with their own plodding peculiarities:

-2 weeks for interview testing results.
-15 days to get approval for more interviews.
-1 month until the end of a hiring freeze.
-10 days to mail us an official application AFTER we send them a SASE.

Grab a map of the US and check out California. It’s that big thing next to Mexico on the west coast. No, not Texas. Further to your left. Wow, it’s kinda LARGE, no? The Spurious household can’t search for a place to live, sign up for nursing school or make moving arrangements until someone recognizes Mateo’s superior reference skills and gives him the job he so rightly deserves.

Hence the waiting. And I hate waiting.
Random Fruit Fact: The Quince

“Quince has golden skin and looks like a combination of apple and pear. When ripe, it smells like perfume. But the flavor is tart, and it is always cooked before eating. Quince is very popular in jams and jellies. If you want to try one, you may have to wait. They are only available from October through December.”

Dammit, I even have to wait to try a quince?!?!? I HATE WAITING. Learn more about the quince’s pokey ass, here.

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 6/01/2005 10:32:00 AM


  1. Blogger Candace posted at 11:06 AM  
    I hate waiting, too, but waiting in line has taken on a whole new level of fun for me. Now I make up back-stories of all the people who are annoying me. "Oh, how sad, Mr. Johnson's wife left him after she found out he was screwing the neighbor's ferret." Stuff like that.

    *fingers crossed for Mateo*
  2. Blogger SierraBella posted at 11:11 AM  
    Waiting sucks!
    We're all waiting for you out here-so good luck!
  3. Blogger Caroline posted at 12:28 PM  
    You really should get that pencil box. I have one.


    But it has the penguin, not hello kitty. I take it to classes with me.
  4. Blogger Ern posted at 1:31 PM  
    I have something great to contribute to the comments. Wait just a second........
  5. Blogger marybishop posted at 2:03 PM  
    Hang in there...try to take up a new hobby or plant a tree in your yard or paint your bedroom - something that speaks of longevity and permanence..say to yourself, "actually I do like it here and don't want to move" and bingo!

    He'll get the job.
  6. Blogger Torrie posted at 2:26 PM  
    Wait. So, do you hate waiting?
  7. Blogger Random and Odd posted at 2:29 PM  
    *Crossing finger*

    "pick Sacramento, pick Sacramento."
  8. Blogger Southern Fried Girl posted at 3:20 PM  
    So basically it is the waiting that you hate?
  9. Blogger Aurora posted at 5:50 PM  
    You should totally come up to montreal, we have fantastic nursing programs and i'm sure we need more library ppl cause there are so many damn universities out here.
  10. Blogger Circus Kelli posted at 7:04 PM  
    Ugh! I totally hate waiting. Waiting sucks!
  11. Blogger Squirl posted at 7:26 PM  
    Yup, waiting sucks. I am so impatient sometimes.
  12. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 7:28 PM  
    Misfit- Can I wait in line with you? It'd be so much funner than listening to the soft farts of the old dude in front of me...

    Sierrabella- Thanks for the good wishes! All this goodwill is much appreciated!

    Caroline- My ass is going to the Sanrio store the SECOND I'm accepted to school. And maybe if I'm not.

    Ern- **mumbling** "Crafty damn doctors...."

    Marybishop- This is seriously sneaky. I knew I liked you. I'm going to paint my bathroom. As soon as I buy the paint, it's ON. Thanks for the tip.

    Kristine- Sacramento is a VERY REAL possibility. Lay in some Diet Coke, sister! I'm comin' atcha!

    SFG and Torrie-Was it my REPEATED mention of wait hatred that gave me away, or did something else clue you two in? Clever little smart-asses...

    Airea- If my pansay ass can't handle a pennsylvania winter, I'm not sure I'd survive in Montreal...but it is 500million times prettier in Montreal!

    CK and Squirl- I think we all hate waiting. Except for those wait-o-philes. They're kinky.
  13. Anonymous lawbrat posted at 8:14 PM  
    Good luck to you and Meteo! I'll keep my fingers crossed. Kinda nice to know where your going to sleep. :-)
  14. Blogger Annejelynn posted at 10:06 PM  
    quinces = unusual, surprisingly good, surprisingly seasonal yumminess
  15. Blogger mrtl posted at 2:20 AM  
    Egads, Plum. I'm anal about being prepared, so I feel you on this.
  16. Blogger Crankenpants posted at 10:22 AM  
    Hey been there with all the "rules" of getting a government job. I especially like the one where they can't tell you if your not qualified for a job if you ask about it. No wait I think that's a union thing. Anyhoo good luck.
  17. Blogger Caroline posted at 6:40 PM  
    While we all wait, I think we should play naked twister.

  18. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 7:31 PM  
    Lawbrat- Hell, I'll sleep in a box. I just need to know where to PUT the box.

    Annejelynn- Really? You've eaten some? Extra fruit credit for you, Missy!

    MRTL- DUDE, I KNOW. I'm internally losing my shit!

    Crankenpants-On one hand I respect what unions do, and on the other hand, AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Sorry.

    Caroline- Viva la naked twister! That'll make the time go muuuuch faster. P.S.I'm getting my Red Dwarf on tonight.

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