Monday, February 21, 2005

Damn Old Movie Night- Operation Petticoat

Damn, this is one lame-ass movie. Well, at least the first 20 minutes were, since that's all I got through.

How clever. The submarine is pink.

I suppose seeing Cary Grant's honkey chicken legs was educational in a historic sort of way, and it started out well, with a shot of some navy man's ass shooting a machine gun and jiggling around. But owner of the shaking tail wasn't cute (to be truthful, neither was his butt) and we only lasted about 20 minutes after that. Tony Curtis was absolutely insufferable.

What pushed us over the edge was a dude who had a hot, naked chick tattooed on his chest. Well, she was allegedly hot and naked, but 1959 audiences aren't generally allowed to see hotness like that. But it sounds sort of promising, no?


Tattoo dude says, "I couldn't go home to my fiancee with a tattoo of a some naked hoochie on my chest, so I re-enlisted for another tour of duty".

Whaaaa? I know it's 1959, and everyone's all about shiny cars, short hair and wearing gloves on airplanes....but ANOTHER TOUR OF FUCKING DUTY? For a tattoo? Jesus.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for realism in Damn Old Movies. It's a mistake. I had a roommate once who though that if Roc Hudson could travel back in time (and not be gay) he'd pick her skinny ass.

She had chest hair. No lie.
Random Fruit Fact: The Tart Cherry

"While sweet cherries are grown in several parts of the country, tarts are grown primarily in northwestern Michigan. Michigan has 3.8 million tart cherry trees. All of the recent research into the health benefits of cherries is referring to tart cherries"

How the hell did virginity become equitable with a cherry? Let me know if you know. But learn about real cherries, the tart ones, here.

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