Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gee, Thanks! + Mexican Food

People were really nice to me today! Many, many thanks to Clobber and Echrai for featuring my little blog as a destination to their readers. What a cool surprise! Clobber even created a beautiful plum image as a bonus. Goodness, you two know how to make a sneaky fruit feel special!

In addition to all this undeserved attention, Mateo and I recieved the gift of massive amounts of Mexican food!

No, those aren't industrial size mustard containers. Well, they are, but salsa's inside! Mom and Dad Spurious (my parents) know Mateo and I miss Mexican food a bunch, and wanted to ship it safely so it wouldn't explode and make us cry. They asked a local sandwich place to save some condiment containers to safely transport our precious, spicy cargo. The sandwich place obliged (thanks, Busy Bee Sandwiches!), and Mom and Dad Spurious sent 2 gallons of tasty salsa and lots of masa (in the little bags) so I can make GOOD tortillas. Our very own personal Cornucopia de Comida Mexicana. Blessed be.

Nice people and tasty food. What a good day!
Random Fruit Fact: The Canteloupe

"What we call 'cantaloupe' in the U.S., is actually a muskmelon. The true cantaloupe is a European melon named after a castle’s gardens in Italy. The cantaloupe was supposedly named for Cantalou, a former Papal garden near Rome, where the variety was developed."

Dude! We could've been calling it a 'muskmelon'? That's WAY cooler than 'canteloupe'. I'll ask for muskmelons at the maket and see what happens...Learn more about the canteloupe, here.

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 3/16/2005 10:43:00 PM


  1. Blogger echrai posted at 8:30 AM  
    Hmm... so does muskmelon taste the same as canteloupe? I feel cheated! No wonder I always liked our other melons but hated the canteloupe! Because it was a fake! A fraud! You may fool my mind, but you can't fool my tastebuds!!!! Time to track down some real honest to goodness canteloupe just to try it out.
  2. Anonymous mrtl posted at 8:34 AM  
    That totally looks like coke in the plastic bags.

    I must also take a moment to thank you for your regular random fruit facts. Reading your site is amusing AND educational. Why do I get the feeling you would totally love playing Vegetables (the drinking game)?
  3. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 9:27 AM  
    Yeah mrtl, my nickname is La Spuriosa in Columbia. Why do you think I'm so Spurious? Cause the cartel pays me to be sneaky...yeah. And oooh! What's this vegetable game! Ooh!

    echrai- let me kow how your melon experiments turn out. I support into scientific investigation, epceially in the name of fruit!
  4. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:53 AM  
    It's HAS to be called canteloupe because otherwise the fabulous "Cantaloop Flip Fantasia" would have never happened. See? Us3 NEEDS it to be canteloupe.
    xoxo Rachel
    p.s. Where's Dr. Abe? I got this mole I need him to check out...
  5. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:55 AM  
    Awww...what nice parents! In Michigan there are no 'really' good mexican food places, but there is one little hole in the wall place that comes close. We frequent their unmatching booths often!

  6. Blogger marybishop posted at 12:19 PM  
    Muskmelon -- somehow that name doesn't do it for me...all I can think of is the smell of books that have been stored in a damp cellar. I think I'll have to stick with cantaloupe even if it's technically wrong.

    Same thing with yams, I love yams, but they say nothing we have in our grocery stores are really yams, they're actually sweet potatoes.

    Would a cantaloupe or yam buy any other name taste as sweet?
  7. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 2:06 PM  
    Rachel - Oh crap! I had completely forgotten about that song! Biddy-biddy-bop - funky funky.
    Dr. Abe's ability to check your mole depends on where your mole is...or maybe not. You two work it out.

    Lawbrizzy - At this point we'd be willing to drive to Michigan for good Mexican food. How good we talkin here?

    Marybishop - C'mon! Just using the word 'muskmelon' makes produce shopping sexy. And I love me some sexy produce, people.
  8. Anonymous mrtl posted at 3:16 PM  
    Plum, check my site for directions.
  9. Blogger marybishop posted at 10:09 PM  
    Sexy produce, then we must be speaking of the English cucumber!

    Oh fruit goddess, tell me if this is true: Cooking with Amy? think that's the name of her blog said that an eggplant is a fruit? Say it isn't so...
  10. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 11:10 PM  
    Mrtl - Thank you for the fun drinking game, I can't wait to get faced for 'fruit& veggie research' purposes!

    Marybishop - This is a tricky question, since technically, it's both. Because it's a fleshy, above ground vine product, it falls under the definition of "fruit".

    However, the eggplant is a veggie too, according to the Supreme Court, being a "herbaceous (non-woody) plant or plant part which can be eaten without processing and is usually consumed with the main meal."

    The tomato and the artichoke have the same problem, poor things. So technically, Amy's right, but you are too. Hooray! Everyone wins!
  11. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:05 AM  
    Hi, this is ornery_chick from Livejournal, and if you're ever in need of productos Mexicanos I live in part of Kansas City with a large Hispanic immigrant population, and we have a LOT of tiendas multicosas around here that might have something you need, so if you ever want me to scout, say the word.

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