Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Speedy, Apple-Filled Post

Ah, there's nothing like having 10 minutes to type...Hello all! Sorry for the hiatus!

So, last weekend my family took a trip to Oak Glen, a apple orchard/rural community/back-in-the-olden-days kinda place, with barns. Barns!

There's fresh apple cider, homemade donuts and tasty homemade pie with cinnamon sauce. Mmm, cinnamon sauce...

If you live in LA, you usually have to travel to get your nature on, so we took lots of pictures of planty things, too.

There are several family-run orchards in Oak Glen, but my family's been visiting Snow Line Orchards for 60 years. They have the oldest chestnut tree west of the Mississippi on the premises. I think it's the prettiest too.

While snapping all these pics, I took a super hot picture of Mateo with the sun behind his head looking all pissed and beatific at the same time. Sadly, his 'don't-show-the-blog-people-my-face' policy means I can't share him without some serious photo editing, so I'll have get back to you.

In other news, I was Satan for Halloween.

What were you?
Random Fruit Fact: The Winter Banana Apple

This is absolutely, without question, my favorite apple EVER. I can hardly ever find it, since it's only available for about 7 seconds in October at Oak Glen. Sometimes the trees get pissed and decide not to give up any Winter Bananas at all...Fuckers.

" An heirloom apple, the Winter Banana originated in Cass County, Indiana in 1876. Its popularity is due to its large size, firm flesh, sweet aroma and excellent cooking quality. This fine dessert apple has a yellow skin with a natural waxy coating. The Winter Banana is modest, in light of all this praise, it blushes reddish-pink. Keeps well in cool temperatures. "

Learn more about the Winter Banana Apple, here.

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 11/08/2005 10:24:00 PM


  1. Blogger Susie posted at 7:33 AM  
    You always were a cute little devil. Nice chestnut tree! I can't be mad at Mateo, because I'm the same way with me and mine; but I look forward to seeing the beautiful/pissed doctored-up Mateo :)
  2. Blogger Southern Fried Girl posted at 7:36 AM  
    Glad you are back. Hope it's not a month before we hear from you again. Missed ya. :)
  3. Blogger Nilbo posted at 7:52 AM  
    Well, it's about time, young lady.

    The orchard mini-vacation sounds delightful. As for the lil devil in you ... adorable. But .. uh ... ya got a hickey showin' there ...
  4. Blogger Candace posted at 10:08 AM  
    Damn, it's about freaking time.

    Glad to see you're alive and well, but if this moving to L.A. thing is what's causing to you to IGNORE us all, I think I liked you better in Pittsburgh. At least you blogged then.

  5. Blogger kilowatthour posted at 11:52 AM  
    welcome back, satan! have you ever had crispin apples? they're like a slightly less tart granny smith and they rock my sad little world.

    i hope you're getting some sleep. i'm sure as hell not.

  6. Blogger Torrie posted at 12:04 PM  
    Don't ever leave me again.
  7. Blogger mrtl posted at 1:01 PM  
    pretty planty things!

    So if you can't show Mateo's face to the internet, whose face are you going to use? Neil Diamond?
  8. Blogger stephlys posted at 8:34 PM  
    I wore my horns to the office for my new job. First staff meeting with the exec team :) I did take them off for the all-employee audiocast though. But I put them right back on afterward. Photo on my blog.
  9. Blogger ~*ERY*~ posted at 12:56 AM  
    I've heard the golden criso apples are really really good too. I don't know though, I've yet to actually try them. By the way, I hate you because there are no apple orchards by my school and therefore I got only one half a gallon of fresh apple cider this year...and I usually have about three gallons, all by myself. ANd you got some, so I hate you.

    Not really thoguh!! Don't stop posting for a month again because I said that.
  10. Blogger Ern posted at 2:28 AM  
    That's a lot of typing in just 10 minutes! I hope your classes are going well. :)
  11. Blogger LadyBug posted at 10:12 AM  
    Welcome back, Plum. I missed you!

    LOVE your costume, you little devil.

    And that tree! It's HUGE! And gorgeous!!
  12. Blogger Random and Odd posted at 12:53 PM  
    awwwwwww. Glad your back.

    Did you get apple butter while you were there?
  13. Blogger Annejelynn posted at 5:44 PM  
    SHE's ALIVE!
  14. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 12:01 PM  
    That'll teach me not to post. You guys got PISSED!

    Susie- I have no problem with Mateo's desire (or any one else's desire for that matter)for privacy. But when it keeps me from posting a good picture, I get all huffy. Huff!

    SFG- Eep! Sorry!

    Nilbo- That's no hicky! That's part of the third boob!

    Misfit- I'll make sure to add a box of tissue to the sidebar...please don't be sad! I'll do better!

    Kilowatthour- We can sleep when we're dead. Crispins rule!

    Torrie- I'd remind you that I'm always in your heart, but you'd call me out on being full of shit. Sorry. Missed you too!

    MRTL- Mateo would LOOOOOOOve if I used Neil Diamond's face! It's on!

    Stephlys - I couldn't see your blog...maybe I'm just fried though...

    Ern- I think I may get out of Chemistry alive, but I've still got one month...fingers crossed.

    Ladybug - Thank you! What do Ladybugs dress as for halloween? Hmm.

    Kristine- I got TWO JARS of apple butter. Yuuuuummmmm.

    Annejelynn-I think I'm alive....
  15. Blogger Squirl posted at 6:24 PM  
    So glad you had time to post again, you horny little devil. :-)
  16. Blogger schmims posted at 8:15 AM  
    Me, I'm all about the empire apple. MMMM!
  17. Blogger Holy Schmidt posted at 11:36 PM  
    I'm so glad you're back! We were worried. : (

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