Friday, February 25, 2005

Damn Old Movie Night - Lady Snowblood

I initially didn't classify this movie as a 'Damn Old Movie' because it only came out in 1974. I then realized that it's only one year older than I am, and I'm pretty damn old myself. I'm taking Lady Snowblood down with me.

This movie rocks the house. (Thank you for lending it to us from your magical shelf of good shit, Abe!)

I've seen a a few 1970's Japanese history/action flicks in my day ( I am pretty damn old, after all). But this one's better, because the person doing all the cheezy-1970's-killing is a balls-deep girl in a pretty kimono. Bad folks killed her dad and brother, and raped her mom. She's pissed.

It's like Lone Wolf and Cub (a bad ass series where an ex-samurai and his infant son wreck the hell out of everyone), but with a kick ass feminist touch. Hooray!

I noticed that if you're out killing for money or revenge in 17th century Japan, you're not just bad news, you're 'from hell', or 'demons', or 'a princess of the underworld'. This isn't just how you're perceived, it's what you call yourself. How fucking rad would it be to wake up every morning, open your 17th century Blackberry and see:

10:00AM Fighting fuckers while I walk the crossroads of hell
12:00PM Lunch at the River Styx
3:00PM Meet up with the Masters of Death and slice their sorry asses for 500 ryu

Why don't crappy junior-high school guidance counselors give you aptitude tests for this, huh?I need to go to assassin school or something. I've already got the crossroads of hell in my head...(Headache is still here, boooo!)
Random Fruit Fact: The Nectarine

The Nectarines are a band too. But unlike the fruit, I can't vouch for their goodness.

"The word 'nectarine' means sweet as nectar, and this is very likely the obvious origin of the name. Today, California grows over 95% of the nectarines produced in the United States."

Learn more about how the nectarine is filled with freaky, nectary goodness, here.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:44 AM  
    Lone Wolf even took his infant son with him on the road to hell and taught him to kill ninjas with hidden spears in the baby cart! My dad just taught me the legacy of silence and shame.
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:15 PM  
    Abe, would you like a hug? I mean a very firm but reserved handshake.

    Pinche guero!

    Just kiddin'


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