Friday, February 04, 2005

Les Cinémathèques du Paris

Check out this movie theater article in the LA Times. There's pics of an awesome theater in fake asiatic style called La Pagode. It's some OG gothic shizz.

I'd link but they won't let me. If you can find some decent pics of the place, email me here.
Random Fruit Facts: The French Black Currant

"Currants are unsurpassed for jelly, but are also good in pies and sauces, especially when mixed with fruits that have body but lack sprightliness. Currants have also been used for wine, said by some to be similar in flavor to Graves or Rhine wines. Black currants are the traditional source of the French liqueur, Cassis."

Oooh, gotta find me some cassis. Love me some currants. Learn more about black currants here.

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