Sunday, February 06, 2005

Road Trip, Hooray!

I've had a bit of cabin fever as of late. Moving to a snowy area from California will do that to a person I suppose. So when lovely husband announced our embarking on a trip/adventure to an undisclosed location, I was set all aflutter. He even got me to wear comfortable shoes, thinking I was going to be hiking traily places or walking around in some museum.

Which was why I was surprised to find myself in a bad 80's casino in Wheeling, West Virginia.

To his credit, we'd driven through Wheeling as we UHauled our asses to Pittsburgh, and in the dusky light of evening it looked OK. Pretty neat even. In the whopping 15 seconds it takes to drive through downtown, you see split-second flashes of restored Victorian houses, architecturally interesting downtown-esque buildings, and lots of lighted bridges. We may have been delusional having eaten nothing but crappy subway 6inchers for 5-days, but still.

In Pennsylvania, (home of supermarkets where you CAN'T BUY BEER) Wheeling barrages folks with advertising campaigns portraying itself as a sort of Christian Vegas. Lots of gambling, booze and half naked bitches with big hair, amply sprinkled with buttloads of family fun. So we were slightly disappointed to discover exactly 12 restored houses (lots of decrepit and condemned houses though), an empty peely downtown, and only one casino.

Behold a picture of Mateo boldly rocking the solo casino with what I'm sure are the original 'fake plastic trees':

Good times hanging out with husband though. It was nice to have someone there to witness the trauma of my first dogtrack race. Ew. Poor puppies. Check out Crafters for Critters to do something about that shit.

By the way, has anyone ever noticed that all casino slot machines ca-ching in same key? So all that dinging occurs on C# or some shit? If anyone knows what that note is, let me know, cause its apparently the sound of people's wallets flying open.
Random Fruit Fact: The Coconut

Today's post pertains to fake fruit, over my husbands head (picture above), and on the chests of Wheeling's 'gentleman's club' workers.

"On a beach holiday, you are more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head than a shark attack."

Unless it's a card shark attack. Oh wait, only slots in WV....Damn. Find out more about coconuts (but mostly sharks. Weak tie in, I know) here.

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