Tuesday, May 10, 2005

And Now A Word From Mateo - Harold Y Kumar

Our friend Tyler’s a fan of stupid comedies (his term), and is also a current new Jersey resident. So when Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle came out, he was positively giddy. He loved the movie and recommended it highly.

Many months later, the movie was released on DVD and I reserved it through my local library’s Online Public Access Catalog (librarian plug). I was 140th on the waiting list, but that didn’t discourage me, or prompt me use the local Blockbuster, since getting movies from the library is:

A. Free, and
B. A pleasant surprise. Often, you forget what you ordered and it’s like finding buried library treasure.

I watched the movie with my lovely, legally bound spouse Spurious(ah, holy matrimony) and called Tyler to discuss:

“So, I finally watched Harold and Kumar.” says I.

“Watcha think?” Says he.

“It did the great state of Jersey justice, though I didn’t recognize much from the times I’ve visited. I recognized those damn toll buckets that take exactly 35 cents, though.”

“It’s funny,” says Tyler, “when Harold visits the hospital after being attacked by the crazy puppet raccoon in the City of Princeton, they take him to Westmoreland Hospital. He should’ve gone to Princeton Hospital. Also, they go all the way to Cherry Hill to find a Whitecastle when there are about a hundred Whitecastles that are closer.”

“Yeah, that must seem unrealistic to a native. What I found unrealistic was our protaganists getting a cheetah high on chronic, and riding it at full cheetah speed. You’d think that the weight of two full-grown, stoned adults would slow a kitty down somewhat...But I've really no clue what a stoned cheetah is capable of.”

"Of course."

Another case in which great cinema inspires boffo discussion.

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 5/10/2005 09:25:00 PM


  1. Blogger Susie posted at 11:16 PM  
    I loved that movie. I especially loved Doogie Howser in it. I watched it a while back in my stretch pants, tassel-loafers and movie-watching shirt:)
  2. Blogger Southern Fried Girl posted at 9:50 AM  
    I must admit that I missed that cinema classic. LOLOL :)
  3. Blogger echrai posted at 11:58 AM  
    And to think I had no interest in seeing it. You have changed my mind. I might just have to pick it up and check it out now. :)
  4. Blogger marybishop posted at 1:42 PM  
    Oh I'm definitely going to watch this one...although I wonder if it could ever be as good as Attack of the Killer Klowns, my all time favorite classic nutso movie...;-)
  5. Blogger laurenbove posted at 2:06 PM  
    I'm with Echrai on this one...I totally didn't want to see it, but am somehow piqued by your blog entry. Hmmm...

    I do love stoopid movies in general...Python, Jim Carey, Danny Deckchair...
  6. Blogger Circus Kelli posted at 3:47 PM  
    My darling, dear Plummie. How are you today?

    I have not watched this movie, but then again, I believe I mentioned I grew up under a rock. Oh, I have something for you over at my blog.

  7. Blogger Candace posted at 7:46 PM  
    I reaaaaaaaaally need to see this movie. I LOVE White Castle, and while I know it's not the central character in the movie, I want to see it because of White Castle hamburgers.

    Or as those of us from the environs of Chicago say: Sliders. YUM!
  8. Blogger Foxy Drama Queen posted at 8:04 PM  
    I must admit that I haven't seen the movie yet, but I LOVE that online reservation thing from the library!! My sister has it at her public library, but apparently the city I live in is technologically delayed... ;)
  9. Blogger Caroline posted at 9:00 PM  
    I liked that movie.

    Oh, and strawberry fruit leather.

    Any fruits I should try? I tend to avoid new fruits since I don't know how to eat them.

    Do you peel a mango?
  10. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 9:06 PM  
    Susie: Doogie + strippers = good times. Don't make me raid your closet. Smooches.

    SFG and Echrai- It's not that great, it's one of those movies that sounds really cool when you explain it to people, but winds up being like a 40 geeky years later version of Animal House. Well, with boobs, Doogie, battleshits and a cheetah, of course.

    Laurenbove and Marybishop- Killer Klowns and Python, good taste as usual from you two!

    CK- Thanks for asking! I'm doing pretty good, how are you? Hooray! Tagged by the circus! Thanks lady.

    Misfit- Never been to a white castle, reccomend it? The movie seems to represent White castle cult culture well. You'll find mention of 'sliders' and scary fries, the whole shebang. Have fun.

    Foxy Drama Queen - Inter library loan is the shit. I'll pray for you until it gets to your town.
  11. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 9:41 PM  
    Caroline- Next time I hit the store, I'm trying strawberry fruit leather. It sounds creepy but cool!

    I've always peeled my mangos. Easiest way seems to be with a potato peeler, since I'm one of those people that chhop off a finger peeling with knives. Once it's all peeled, you can slice it any way you like and you're home free.

    As for new fruits to try, I'm partial to the cherimoya right now. When they're ripe they almost taste kind of fruit punchy. Don't be afraid to go out there, pick up something wierd and take it home. Chances are, someone out there, either at home or on the internet, knows how to eat it.

    Let me know what you try!
  12. Blogger Candace posted at 10:38 PM  
    Plummie, you haven't lived until you do the hedgehog method on a mango. Truly fun. Yes, I'm a geek.

    I wouldn't necessarily *recommend* White Castle per se. I grew up with them, so they aren't weird to me. Some say it's an acquired taste, some think they're disgusting. I think they're divine!

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