Thursday, March 31, 2005

Random Thought - Homeless Guy

Reading Overheard in NY just reminded me of an odd experience I had with a homeless guy many years ago. On a trip to Santa Monica, some friends and I encountered a vocal, crazy homeless fellow, who was shouting to himself. Right as we walked by, he yelled,

"So I looked right at Michael Jordan and I said, 'Jump, mutherfucka! Jump!' And he did. And just look what happened."

For answering one of life's eternal questions, we gave that man TWO dollars.

Shit, if I could do it again, I'd give him, like, five.

Random EMERGENCY Fruit Fact: The Elderberry

I'm getting too old to stay up past 11:30, hence, the elderberry. Shout out to Lawbrat for calling me out on being a lazy, sleepy bitch.

"In the Middle Ages legends held that the elderberry tree was home to witches and that cutting down one would bring on the wrath of those residing in the branches. The Russians and the English believed that elder trees warded off evil spirits, and it was considered good luck to plant a tree near your home. Sicilians believed that sticks of elder wood could kill serpents and drive away thieves"

Yeah! Screw theives! Learn more about the elderberry at this lady's site, she's one devoted fruit queen.

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 3/31/2005 11:22:00 PM


  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:13 AM  
    What? no fruit? Your slackin'.

  2. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 9:30 AM  
    EEP! You're so right!

    Time for a fruit addendum...
  3. Anonymous mrtl posted at 9:45 AM  
    ...looks like a cut a la Holy Grail to me, Lawbrat. Plum, what do elderberries smell like, anyway?
  4. Blogger Kitsune posted at 12:17 PM  
    Do you take fruit requests? 'cause I am really hungry for a kiwi right now, and, despite that it will not actually produce a kiwi for me, there is potential for kiwi knowledge to be gained from your ongoing fruit tutorials. Furthermor, it is simply entertaining to say the word "kiwi" in all it's fuzzy goodness!

    (A salute to 2:15am posting!)
  5. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 3:43 PM  
    Your father smelled of elderberries.

    El Guapo

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