Monday, April 25, 2005

Memo To Winter's Dirty, Snowy Ass

Dear Winter,

I woke up Sunday and found that your sneaky ass dropped some snow while I slept:

I know it's not a big, wintry fuckfest. I should be delighted you deigned to spare me the misery of another morning scraping ice off my car, but it's SPRING. See that green shit next to the snow? Look, I magnified it for you:


Guess what? That means you have a restraining order to stay off my property for another 9 months. Take a vacation. Go bother the folks in Australia. Just leave my Californian ass ALONE!

Mateo and I were cavorting in the spring rain ONLY HOURS before you tried this 'usurping spring' thing.

So what's your damn problem, Winter? Need to get laid? What, you wanna start some shit?
Random Fruit Fact: The Rhubarb

How the hell is rhubarb even a fruit? This warrants further investigation.

"Rhubarb is often regarded as a slightly old-fashioned plant and can live for many years giving living proof of how tough it is. WARNING:- Rhubarb leaves are poisonous and should NEVER be eaten."

Lean more about what not to do with the rhubarb, here.

Posted by Spurious Nurse at 4/25/2005 07:59:00 PM


  1. Blogger Caroline posted at 8:47 PM  
    I can't read what you write because of the backround... What's up with that?
  2. Blogger Caroline posted at 8:49 PM  
    Oh wait, I refreshed and it turned white. I take it back. :)
  3. Blogger Candace posted at 10:49 PM  
    Yeah, that snow thing on Sunday pissed me off too.

    There are WEEDS in the landscaping and it's fucking SNOWING?

    I should really take care of those weeds....
  4. Blogger lawbrat posted at 6:49 AM  
    We got a nice mother nature visit here in Michiga too. It sucked ass. I HAD a BBA planned, it snowed all freaking day!!
    Rhubarb as an insect spray? That is way cool. There is a good use for rhubarb.
  5. Blogger lawbrat posted at 6:54 AM  
    Ummm, that BBA, was really...BBQ. Make sense now?
  6. Anonymous LadyBug posted at 9:25 AM  
    You're so cute! So smiley!
    Your picture made me smile.

    Oh, and I'm sorry about the way you were treated at the pizza fundraiser. It's true. Some people are just total assholes.
  7. Blogger Torrie posted at 9:33 AM  
    Fuck winter! Fuck it right in the ass!
  8. Blogger Aurora posted at 9:42 AM  
    Snow sucks monkey butt. I find it funny that you in califorina have snow, but here in montreal its just raining non-stop. Beautiful pictures by the way.
  9. Blogger Nessa posted at 9:59 AM  
    the snow may suck, but it's refreshing to see a pic of the plum!!!!!
  10. Blogger Squirl posted at 11:08 AM  
    Like Lawbrat said, yes it snowed in Michigan, too. I live in Grand Rapids which got less than Lansing. Where Bucky lives, Flint, got even more. Kinda backwards from normal.

    And I love rhubarb cooked with lots and lots of sugar!
  11. Blogger Holy Schmidt posted at 11:48 AM  
    Wow. The flowers on the hill are fabulous.
  12. Blogger marybishop posted at 11:56 AM  
    Great photos...

    Rhubarb as an insect spray - Lawbrat says...

    I find that very funny as I detest rhubarb - have a real thing against it every since someone stuck it a strawberry pie and I didn't know it.

    Ever wonder who was the first person to eat that stuff?
  13. Blogger echrai posted at 12:52 PM  
    Snow is nice. IN DECEMBER - WHERE IT BELONGS!!! No, I'm not bitter. Look is it so wrong to want the period between winter and summer not to be a day of each alternating, but to be a nice middle temperature - some rain, some sun. A happy medium. Time to give winter the boot. Err... the flip flop? Whatever.
  14. Blogger Spurious Plum posted at 3:35 PM  
    Caroline- Keep me posted, I want to make sure everyone can see my crappy ass blog.

    Misfit – They’re not weeds if they have flowers. Do they have flowers?

    Lawbrat – I love me some tasty, pulled-pork BBA.

    Torrie – I love you.

    Airea – I’m a Californian in theory only. We moved out to Pittsburgh almost 2 years ago, but I still consider myself a Cali girl.

    Ladybug, Silly Nessa and Holy Schmidt – Aw, shucks…Thanks you three!

    Squirl – I’m gonna have to check this rhubarb out. What does it taste like?

    Marybishop- I’ve always wondered bout the origins of certain poisonous foods. Did prehistoric dudes get together and hash it out?
    “Well, the leaves killed Grok, but let’s try the stalks!”

    Echrai- Bitchslapping Winter with a flip flop is a GREAT idea. Sign me up.
  15. Blogger Torrie posted at 9:56 PM  
    The feeling's mutual, babe!

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